Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to tie a pareo - Tehani

Our model Kamalei, is wearing a Mahana Pareo demonstrating one of our most requested pareo tying style - Tehani.

One of our more ambitious pareo tying styles, the Tehani is our nod to the popular and visually distinct bias cut. It's a wrap that can be adjusted to show a little or a lot. Start by wrapping the pareo vertically around your body. Hold the top two ends and tie above shoulder. Now comes the twist. Start pulling gently around your body from the hip. Adjust for coverage and tie at hip. Note, this will not be at a corner of the pareo, rather an approximation of where it fits best to your body.

If you have a longer pareo than the usual 72", this might work well to give you a longer dressier look. Using a gauzy or rayon pareo will probably work best on this style but as always, these pareo tying styles are creative creations and will fit differently on every body type.

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