Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wrapped up in our new Temana Belt

Looking for a more upscale and elegant look? Look no further. Even on the beach, you'll turn heads. The belt feels so natural on the hips.

Our new Temana Belt is made from intricately woven raffia fibers. These fibers are soft and pliable, not to mention that they are also light in weight. If you wear it with a dark neutral colored skirt, fashionable pareo, or dress, your belt will stand out with the light color and texture.

Have we mentioned the shells? Four shells carved in the shape of Tahitian tiare flowers adorn the belt just to give the right touch of French Polynesia. It combines the flower of Tahiti and one of the artisans of Tahiti's most favored natural resource - the Black Pearl shell or mother of pearl.

What's more is a feature that took almost a year to get right. It might seem small but the pearl shell buckle hooks into the belt in a seamless way. The belt has three sizes that you can choose from - 34, 37, and 40 inches. And you can move between the sizes by hooking the mother of pearl shell buckle in the hidden loops.

Because each belt is handmade, each is unique. It's perfect for the woman who's looking for just the right amount of Polynesia and fashion.

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