Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Mahana Pareo color - Nave Nave Purple

Don't look for a Hawaiian sarong? Or even an Indian batik sarong? The Tahitian pareo with its vivid colors, comfort and ease of tying to fit your style is the must-have item this summer. Check out the colors, cuts and sets. And look for seasonal colors throughout the year.

Soft and melodious are just a couple of words that can describe our new Nave Nave Purple Mahana Pareo. This Tahitian pareo or pareu in Tahitian, is one of our classics. Add in the two tones of purple and you have a great summer look that is both comfortable and functional.

It's the perfect beach coverup that is light enough to pack away in your purse or small beach bag without a thought about weighing you down. Made from 100% cotton, it breathes effortlessly.

The hand dyed material features a uniquely Tahitian look by adding in the Tahitian tiare motif and photosenitive ink where the suns rays sets the colors and creates variations by highlighting and imprinting designs above and below the fabric. The pareo can hug your body as close as you want or flow freely in the slightest breeze.

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