Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Tahiti 2009 invites voting by phone

The 2009 Miss Tahiti beauty pageant will be awarded later this month in Papeete, Tahiti. Twelve young women from every corner of French Polynesian are vying for the coveted title.

This year the pageant has opened the beauty pageant to include the public in deciding who will be this years Miss Tahiti. Residents may call (36 70 15) in to a special line to vote for their choice (fees apply). The results will be factored in and added to the results of the judges.

This years competitors include:
Mereani Meyrand - Rangiroa, Sage Averii - Punaauia, Heirai AVAEORU - Rapa, Hinerava Ohu - Marquesas/Rapa Nui, Tapeta Purakaueke - Moorea, Niuriki TEREMATE - Punaauia, Poerava VOIRIN - Bora Bora, Heimata LUCAS - Papeete, Maiana MU - Raiatea, Tatiana FAAEVA - Huahine, Puahinano Bonno - Marquesas, Moïne DELIGNY - Paumotu

Last years Miss Tahiti, Hinatea Boosie, will hand the crown over in front of a live audience. The winner will go on to represent French Polynesia in the Miss France competition.

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