Friday, July 03, 2009

Hard-to-get Island Kili bags

You might remember Jackie Onassis carrying one of these, or maybe a young woman in the Cook Islands walking to church, but once you've seen the Island Kili bags, you won't forget. They are the epitome of island class. Originally made by the islanders from Bikini Atoll, the intricate weaving of young coconut leaf fibers is all done by hand. In Polynesia, the fibers are called niau blanc.

Inside the bag you'll find a layer of classic 1/4 inch wide lauhala strips woven together to insulate. The top of the bag is attached at one end and opens with a flip of the lid. Woven handles complete the look.

Its perfect for any time of year, but even better in the warm summer months. The bag is light so its easy and effortlessly taken from place to place. Store your iPod or iPhone, essential makeup, travel lotion or pareo. It lifts casual island style to new elegance.

Check out the 2 sizes available priced $48 for the small and $72 for the medium. It'll make you feel like booking a flight just to stroll through an island getaway or Hawaii Vacation. If you can afford a little pampering, take the trip. If a trip is a little out of range, save up. It's worth it. In the meantime, this Island Kili bag will keep the islands fresh in your mind every time you pick it up or get compliments and jealous looks.

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