Sunday, September 09, 2007

The pareo skirt - tying your pareo

We've been looking for a pareo look that can leave the beach behind and we found it in the A'ahu pareo tying style demonstrated for us by Poehere. By taking a full size pareo and wrapping it around the waist lengthwise and tying it on your preferred hip, we have one of the most simple, yet elegant looking tying style. Next, by adding a mini pareo of complementing color, our model folded the mini pareo lengthwise twice and tied over the full size pareo right above the full size tie to create another layer to the skirt. By wrapping it at a slight angle, you can create even more interest. The style allows for comfort and flexibility as it stays open, but not necessarily revealing, on the side you made the tie.

You can create some interest as well by tying the full size pareo on the width instead of lengthwise. This will allow for a "slit" that will go up to the hip tie and a "train" that you can let trail or you can pick up for "on the go". Either way, you have a more dressy look to your average pareo. Add a solid color neutral or complementing top, a nice understated black pearl necklace, some Maitai black pearl shell round earrings or a tiare hairpick behind your ear and you have a perfect tropical evening... a casual island elegance.

Here's a few suggested color variations that work well. Our Mahana Pareo Set is perfect for this as it is light and breathes well. After all, it's a 100% cotton. And it has the flexibility to mix different colors. Not to mention that it is on sale!

Full size pareo – Mini pareo
Tahiti purple – Lehua red
Palm green – Yellow ginger
Rehu ash gray – Lehua red
Rehu ash gray – Light blue ocean
Yellow ginger – Coral orange
Citrus lime - Rainforest green
Twilight blue – Tahiti purple
Hibiscus pink – Rehu ash gray

Visit Black Pearl Designs for more color options.

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