Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Putting together a Tahitian pareo design, Part IV

I wish everything about this project would go smoothly. But, you know, we live in an imperfect world. In meeting with the fabric manufacturer this past week, I was reminded that there are many interpretations to color. Tones and hues can be interpreted in a wide variety of colorful options. The Tehani pareo design is definitely Tahitian inspired but the colors are influenced by more modern conservative palettes. I asked for tonal variations of blue, green, yellow and orange. I also asked for a traditional Tahitian red and a black and white mock up. Leaving, I also mentioned some typically loud Tahitian colors might also be a possibility for the fifth color. What I got on the proofs was not exactly what I was looking for.

We're looking to do 5 colorways for our Tehani pareo design. The 100% cotton fabric broadcloth will be printed and manufactured in Japan. Delivery is hopefully going to be early December (cross your fingers).

The only color proof that I liked and what I thought all of you would like is the blue. The rest did not pass my first impression test. The green and orange proofs for some reason had a very noticeable yellow. I've asked that the yellow be changed to a tone of the dominant colors respectively. The background, or ground on each was nice but I'm not sure if they fit right and unfortunately we won't know until we get the new proofs. For some reason, on the yellow design, the artist decided to put in a dark brown for contrast. I just plain didn't like that choice. Obviously, I asked that to be removed and replaced with a tone of yellow.

A red colorway just didn't work for me either. Although creative, it just didn't create any interest. Changes to a more traditional Tahitian red design were requested. But I guess the most perplexing proof was the black and white. I figured that would be the easiest one of them all. We had discussed adding in a tone to give more contrast and we decided on a touch of blue. What we got back turned out to be overwhelmingly dark and... green? Where did the green come from? I asked for lightening up the background to help contrast the leaves. And the green has to go. We'll see if this one is going to make the final cut.

Overall we were 1 for 6. Not a great statistic but I'm optimistic and determined. After all, the deposit is already paid and a substantial investment in time and money can't be abandoned. Sounds familiar? It's like every other investment. But with planning, and familiarity with the design team and a good track record, we're going to get this out to the public.

It's not an option to leave this unfinished. We have dance groups, Heiva competitions and our own customers at Black Pearl Designs just waiting for our new print, not to mention new colors to choose from.

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Esther said...

Did you let the fabric company choose the colors or did you make pantone suggestions?