Sunday, May 31, 2009

New designs from artisan Patu

With our recent trip to Tahiti, we hooked up with several premier artisans. Patu, an accomplished Marquesan style tattooist and carver, loves to create new designs, he's more than willing. He already is in great demand and creates our popular carved Tahitian black pearls for us already. After showing us his most recent work, we knew we were going to add more of his work to our offerings.

We're introducing three new pieces that Patu created. The Tuianu necklace, Menemene necklace, and the 'Oeha necklace. All three feature intricate carvings balanced out with the ever present Tahitian black pearl.

The Tuianu necklace, a favorite style in Tahiti creates interest not only from the tattoo carvings but also the classic shape and criss-cross weaving of black satin rope tying a pair of hanging black pearls. Each piece, of course, is unique, not only because of the carvings and black pearls, but also because of the varying hues of the shell itself. If you want to make a fashion statement with an accessory, this is a great way to do so.

Patu pays special attention to the designs he carves on the Menemene necklace. Using what he has learned from growing up surrounded by carvers and artisan, he combines both new and old styles. The classic shaped round shell is definitely a focal point, but don't forget the black pearl.

'Oeha simply means rectangle. But the carvings and design of this necklace is anything but simple. Traditional Marquesan carvings are hand carved into the mother of pearl shell. A separate shell piece is attached below and a black pearl follows. The vertical look is stylish and slimming.

As our budget for artisans gets larger, look for more great and creative works on our website - Black Pearl Designs.

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