Friday, May 22, 2009

Never a better time to book a vacation to Tahiti

Just coming from a trip to Tahiti, I'm already ready to make a return trip. And seeing some of the rates and offers makes me want to book a flight. If I only lived on the mainland, this would definitely be our next family vacation. But I'll have to settle on living here in Hawaii...

Actually, after going to Tahiti, I've learned to appreciate our country even more. Tahiti is great, but there's nothing like home.

Anyway, I've been getting several emails with offers for Tahiti vacations offered by Air Tahiti Nui. I've seen rates as low as $366 (one way) and vacations (including hotel) as low as $898. These are unheard of rates. But after seeing first hand how low the occupancy rates are there, I'm not surprised.

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