Friday, January 09, 2009

Traditional Maori Dress

The aim of this entries is to perpetuate the art and techniques of making maori traditional dresses. Any suggestions, additional information, techniques, and vocabulary are welcome.

Some tribes use different names for the same thing, but I will use the ones I learned from my teachers and will gladly add the different names you may have. The purpose is to support each other in this craft due to the fact it seems to be dying out as the people I know who have made these dresses with the proper knowledge of the patterns are older. I don't know anyone my age who makes these.

My purpose in writing here is for these costumes: the womens' pari (needlepoint bodice) attached to a cotton knee-length skirt (panekoti). This blog can also encompass the mens' costume of the the sash (tapeka) and waist band (tatua). A word often used when referring to these costumes is taniko which means "woven" which is the proper name for it when dyed flax leaves are woven to construct the garment but I don't know if it should be used with needlepoint constructed garments.

This blog is also a journal of my attempts to make the pari (maori women's costume).

More to come soon : )

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