Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maori Needlepoint Bodice

This part of the dress is the most time consuming and also the hardest to source. I looked at all the craft stores, that I knew of, and even went to a needlepoint specialty store. Regular craft stores didn't have any needlepoint canvas (except for plastic). The needlepoint specialty store looked at my like I was crazy for wanting a couple of yards. They promised to call me when they had some in which took a few weeks. During all this, I managed to get a 12 count canvas and bought 3-ply wool yarn. The picture in my previous post is of that needlepoint. It took about 6 months to do. I have a full time job and a child so I was stitching in what little time I had.

I really would like to know what other people have used and what the results were. I have started on my next dress and have used a 10 count needlepoint with that one. Also this one I am using 4 ply acrylic yarn.

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