Sunday, June 08, 2008

Black Pearl Designs featured in the Honolulu Star Bulletin

Well, we've gone and done it now... discovered by the press. The Honolulu Star Bulletin business writer Kristen Consillio, found out about us by first becoming a customer. She found our website Black Pearl Designs, after her sister realized that we were a local Oahu, Hawaii company and wanted to make an order but didn't want to pay for shipping. She used our new "will call" option which allows on-island customers to pick up from our home office in Kaneohe. Obviously there is no charge. If we could do this for all our customers we would.

Take a look at the great article. It's interesting how we view our own business and how others view it. There are things we expected and things we didn't expect. It seems to be a growing experience which we can learn to help improve ourselves. All in all, it was fun to be interviewed and take part in the story. The article is part of the newspaper's monthly focus piece "Family Tree" about family owned businesses.

Mauruuru to Kristen, Jamm Aquino and the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

Honolulu Star Bulletin - Sending Polynesia around the world


Scott said...

Pacific Magazine picked up the story and put a link on their website.

stowerspeepo said...

Malo Scott!

Congrats on the news release... so awesome to see families succeed together :)

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