Friday, May 30, 2008

Vote for new Tehani Pareo colors

We're already looking to make a reorder on our Tehani design (way ahead of schedule) and we're looking for your input on what the next colors should be. Of course, we'll be reordering some of the colors we currently are offering. Why fix something that isn't broken? But we'd also like to introduce colors that we don't currently offer.

Here's a look at a possible black version of the Tehani design. It's not final and may change or not be used at all. It'll largely depend on the feedback we receive from our designer core and from your participation which colors we will add. Our poll is now open and we're looking for your vote. Once you do, check out our Tehani Pareos and get $1.00 off when you buy 3 or more. It's a limited time offer and available in the full size, mini and sets.

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