Friday, December 02, 2011

Hawaiian Christmas Nativity - The Coconut Creche

The Hawaiian Coconut Creche is our signature Christmas item in our online store. Year after year, it is a favorite both for locals and mainlanders alike. Everyone is included - Mary, Joseph, the wise men, sheep, shepherds, the angel and of course baby Jesus. And it wouldn't be a "Hawaiian" creche without a little coconut tree to add to the subtle, yet obvious coconut shell nativity scene that everyone is presented on.

Because the creche is a handmade handicraft and made from coconut shells (no one is exactly alike), each creche is unique. That's one of the attractions we enjoy as we inspect and send them out. We notice the subtle differences of each and every one.

What happens when you travel to Hawaii during Christmas, get a Hawaiian Coconut Creche as a gift and it breaks during travel or in the mail? Do you send it back? You can, but because it is so easy to fix, you might want to rethink that. With all the time it takes to repack it, run it to the local post office and wait for a replacement, you might be able to avoid all that with a couple minutes of work with some wood glue.

If you don't have any wood glue, you can probably borrow some from your friendly neighborhood handyman, or craft enthusiast, or even pick up a small bottle at the local department store. Just press the glue into the area that is loose or has fallen off. It's that simple. The glue dries clear so it's hardly noticeable. If you are really good with the glue, you might not even see any evidence at all that there was a break or damage. Voile!

Of course, if you want to send it back, no problem there as well. Your satisfaction is paramount. We'll send a replacement painlessly. After all, it is the season and we strive to embody the subject. Just some food for thought.

Mele Kalikimaka!

* This post has been updated with new link to our new storefront. Adjustment to repair instructions also updated.

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