Saturday, August 06, 2011

Our New Tahitian Pareo - Maeva Pareu

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

It's been 2 years since we introduced our last custom fabric design - Tehani, to the world. We would have loved to keep going with that classic but due to some problems with the manufacturer, we were no longer able to have it produced. It was difficult to give it up, but as with just about everything in the modern era, we have to move on.

Our new Tahitian pareo print - Maeva, is just what we wanted. The Maeva print is available in five beautiful colors. Each color name was inspired by an element of Tahitian life. Arii Red is named for the arii (or nobility) of old, Mango Orange is named for one of our favorite fruits so endeared in Tahiti, Green Tiare is named for Tahiti's iconic flower and leaves, Poehere Blue is named in honor of last years Miss Tahiti and one of our featured models, and lastly, Brown Tapa is named for the original "pareu" of Tahiti and pays homage to the 'ahu of old.

The Maeva custom fabric design is reminiscent of our Tehani design. We have the same kind of feel and look but we added in more traditional Tattoos. The variation of the otipi or plate/bowl design was added into the leaves and we added more tiare flowers. The Hawaiian lauae leaves were removed and outline marks were also removed. The all-over print is now brighter and distinctly Tahitian/Marquesan in look and feel.

We love our new Maeva design and look forward to making more options available in the future.

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