Friday, November 12, 2010

Tongan Salusalu Lei

There are times when a flower lei might not be the most practical gift. Sending it through the mail to a faraway loved one may not be possible. What do you do then? A silk flower lei can be a great option, or even a crocheted lei can be a prized memento as well.

But if you want to get something a little more authentic and won't perish in the next week, you might consider this. Our Tongan Salusalu Lei is handcrafted right here in Hawaii by local Tongan artisan Mele Tovo. For years she has crafted and demonstrated at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Now retired, she crafts for fun and teaches her grandchildren and neighbors the cultural arts that she mastered.

Mele's creations can be seen daily at many of the Polynesian shows throughout Hawaii. One of her most visible is the Tongan Salusalu Lei. The vibrant lei is made from the wild hibiscus fibers found throughout Polynesia. The lei is handmade looping, tying and weaving the fibers to make the flower petals. It's very lightweight just as its flower counterparts. Available now in traditional Tongan colors (red & white) and in a festive option (red, white, green and orange). Custom colors are also available in quantities.

A great gift for the upcoming holidays including Christmas and Valentines. And don't forget graduations, birthdays and special days. These Polynesian leis will keep the lasting memories of the moment.

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