Monday, April 26, 2010

Hinakura Soloist Tahitian Dance Costume

Ancient legends of Tahiti depict Hinakura as a striking and beautiful young maiden who married the equally handsome Tane Nui. The celebration was an historical event that united the people of Tahiti. This costume, created by our featured artisan Tahia Parker, a former "Hinakura" herself, showcases the vibrant colors and details that typically go into making a premier soloists' costume.

Here is her most recent version of the Hinakura costume. It is themed to the ocean and features many different shells and textures to represent the oceans many different moods. The costume is made using a shell lined headband, a beautiful oversized polished mother-of-pearl shell, rooster feathers and sprigs of feather bunches on coconut frond midribs. The headdress is completed with a shower of white shell leis hung at each side draping across the chest.

A matching colored bandeau bra top is included and is easily tied in the back. The hipband is designed to accentuate the back-and-forth of the hip movements. With a matching pareu, the hipband is layered on top leaving the front open. Not only does this allow for forward leg movements but also gives just enough weight to the belt. Adding a more or hau skirt underneath the hipband, creates for a more formal look.

The costume is made to order and strives to stay traditional. However, modern conveniences such as velcro, machine sewing, crafters glue and metal hooks allow for quick changes and durability. In addition to an ocean theme, there are many others that she creates including wind, volcano, fire, goddess, black pearl, beauty, rain, tiare, and royalty.

Tahia themes the Hinakura Soloist Tahitian Dance Costume to the colors requested. Each are a work of art and accentuate the soloists' most dramatic presentations. Prices start from $325. Average production time is 2-4 weeks.

Bonus Trivia: Tahia was one of the first girls to portray Hinakura at the Polynesian Cultural Center's Horizons evening show.

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