Monday, March 08, 2010

Lining and Zipper

I attached the lining first and then the zipper.

The seam is graded and understitched and then the lining was hand sewn into the waist.

I did a lapped zipper style. It was basted in first using a contrasting thread color and then machine sewn in following the basting. Then the basting stitches were removed. The top ends of the zipper were folded down and hand sewn into the inside of the dress. Then the hem was done. I haven╩╝t figured out how I would like to do shoulder straps so the two dresses that have been made do not have shoulder straps.

Here are two completed dresses. The one on the left was constructed by my sister using the wool yarn with full cross stitch and the one on the right is acrylic yarn with the seeding stitch. Both dresses are made to fit Bust 33, Waist 26, Hip 35, and skirt length 22. Anyone want to buy them? I want to make another one for myself but in different colors. : ) Angela


Colette said...

I would love to buy a dress like this for my doll! I really want to purchase a Maori outfit for her, but I don't know where to find someone who can make one. Please contact me at colette dot montoya @ gmail dot com

Colette said...

I am looking to find someone who can make a needlepoint pari bodice for a doll. The bodice piece would need to be 3 x 11 inches square. How can I get in contact with Black Pearl about having this made?