Friday, February 26, 2010

How to make a Maori Bodice Part I

Sorry, it took so long to get back at this. It took some time to complete the needlepoint. I think I am a slow sewer and it probably took about 40 hours to do this but it was spread out over a couple of months. This was done on a 10 count needlepoint canvas using 4 ply acrylic yarn (from Walmart) and done in a seeding type of stitch (not a cross stitch). I had to order the canvas online as nobody carries this in sufficient lengths to make it. This is my second needlepoint piece I have done.

The first needlepoint piece I did was done in the same pattern but on a 12 count canvas using 3 ply wool yarn and done in a full cross stitch. This took twice as long as my second piece. So if you have a lot of time on your hands or at least stitch faster than me, this looks very nice when done due to all the fine details. But the acrylic yarn colors are brighter. I will post a picture of these side by side later.

The picture here shows the completed needlepoint. This piece is 36 inches long because the dress bodice will be made for someone with a bust that size or smaller. This completed piece is then fused on the “wrong” side with interfacing. The only thing in the stores here is pellon. I DONʼT RECOMMEND PELLON. It is too thick. It would be better to use a light weight fusible knit interfacing. Next time, I will have to order this online too as I canʼt expect the fabrics stores on this island to carry something like that.

Well, more to come soon....


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