Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tau Rima - Crafting Performance showcased online

The University of Hawaii (UH) has now made Scott Barlett's Tau Rima exhibit available online. It's a virtual museum of the exhibit now being featured at the University of Hawaii's Hamilton Library. The exhibit runs until April 28, 2009.

"Tau Rima is a colloquial Tahitian term that describes skilled work or steady hands. It refers especially to craftsmanship, competition, and performance. Tau rima and great creativity go into every costume, carving, and musical instrument that is a part of 'ori Tahiti, Tahitian dance."

The exhibit features many craftsmen of the local Tahitian dance community of Hawaii. Barlett has brought works of art from leaders of dance groups (ra'atira), Tahitian drummers and musicians together into a vibrant presentation.

Dance costumes made from shells, feathers, tapa, bark, beads, and cloth are displayed alongside toere and pahu drums, faate'ete, and video presentations showing dance performances as well as works in progress of drum and costume making.

Contributing to this exhibit include:
Maeva Anderson, ra'atira (Oriata)
KBS Instruments
Mafatu Krainer, drum maker and carver
Tahia Parker, ra'atira (Marania Haoragi)
Rose Perreira (Tahiti Nui International)
Christopher Ramento, ra'atira (Here Tama Nui)
Denise Ramento, ra'atira (Here Tama Nui)
Etua Tahauri, to'ere maker and carver
Cathy and Charlie Temanaha, ra'atira (Te Vai Ura Nui)
Tyrone Temanaha, Jr., to'ere maker and carver
Catherine Teriipaia, (Polynesian Cultural Center)
Pola Teriipaia, ra'atira (Manutahi Tahiti)
Robyn Manu Williams, ra'atira (Ote'a Kia Mana)

In addition to the exhibit ArtMania will feature Tahitian performance and craft demonstrations and will take place in the UHM Art Department on Sunday, April 5. Witness music and dance exhibitions, to'ere and skin drum construction demonstrations, and try your own hand at Tahitian crafts.

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