Thursday, September 18, 2008

Carved Tahitian Black Pearls

Many Tahitian black pearls have unique attributes that carvers have found to be perfect for their art. Many have imperfections and "personality" that make their individuality shine. Tahitian carver, Patu has created these works of art especially for us here at Black Pearl Designs. The baroque pearls come in a variety of merging colors making for a certain uniqueness of each carved pearl. Patu assesses each black pearl individually and creates his designs to fit the personality of the pearl.

The designs vary from traditional Tahitian and Marquesan motifs to modern interpretations of Tahitian tiares, tikis and honu. We offer the pearls as individual pieces of artwork. For those wanting to mount individually to their tastes, this is the perfect solution. All you have to do is take it to your favorite jeweler to be set just the way you want. We encourage creativity.

Last year we saw some unique designs (I wish we had a camera when we found them). There was a drop design with 2 carved pearls strung together one above the other and the third being an uncarved traditional black pearl. The design drew your attention to the perfect smooth pearl but immediately brought attention to the unique carvings in the pearls above it. It was finished off with an intricate coconut sennit woven necklace.

Another design showcased a simple yet interesting asymmetrical balance. It was an open necklace design where it did not have a traditional clasp. Rather it had one part of the design on either end and placing those ends together around the neck and placing together to complete the focus of the design in the traditional front. It followed the current trend of placing an iconic round shaped polished mother of pearl shell piece with the center cut out. This open area allowed for the other end to slip through the middle hole with 2 individually mounted pearls that hung on 2 different lengths. This trend is illustrated by renowned Tahitian jewelry designer Anne Laure (see photo).

We're excited to offer these carved Tahitian black pearls and are working to develop more options and designs. Watch as we expand this unique and artistic line of jewelry.

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