Monday, July 07, 2008

Tahitian Pareo questions

Three of the pareo styles that we offer are all made of 100% cotton of different weights. The heaviest is the Heiva Hibiscus. It is made of a high threadcount of cotton sheeting. The Mahana is more of a chiffon weight, light and airy. And the Tehani is in the middle. It is a broadcloth. When you go shopping for your pareo it all depends on what you are really looking for.

The Mahana pareo is the only one that is hand dyed. It's varying colors and motifs are the result of a photo sensitive dye process that fixes the colors into the fabric depending on how much heat and light it receives. Sea salt that is thrown on the fabric absorbs colors and creates texture to the design.

The Heiva Hibiscus pareo is based on classic Tahitian motifs. Many prints in the past were printed on a polyester and cotton blend. We've decided to stay away from the polyester.

The Tehani pareo is all our own. It's one of the most "Tahitian" that we're proud of. Tehani is based on the Tahitian tiare, Hawaiian lauae and Marquesan tattoo inspirations. The fabric is just the right weight (we think it is) and has a nice balance of weight and durability.

Our last pareo is made of rayon. We've had request after request for rayon and we intend on making a new design in the future on rayon or one of the above in a rayon version. The Tiare pareo is a handmade work of art. Each is screened by hand. The only fabric more softer is silk.

Hope this helps in making your decision when visiting our Black Pearl Designs website.

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