Monday, August 27, 2007

New Mahana Pareo color

As if we didn't have enough already to work on. We just added a new color - Rehu Ash Gray. It features honu (turtle) and our signature Hawaiian salt effect. The dyes react and are absorbed by the Hawaiian salt creating a natural variation in hue. With our model Poehere, we couldn't help but think this is one of our best yet. I admit, I'm a little bias. I love the silver/gray look.

But you can't help feel that the gray look in combination with a black top, Black Pearl necklace and earrings and the finishing touch of our new Tehani Tiare black pearl shell belt is a classic casual elegant look. If you want to dress up knowing that it will be on the warm side, this Mahana Pareo can be tied as a skirt. Tie off on your preferred side and tie the belt over to help secure. Add a tiare flower in your hair (right side if you are available, left side if you are involved or taken). After this, you'll all be wearing your flower on your left. Add a strappy pair of shoes and you're set for an elegant and casual evening.

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