Friday, June 01, 2007

Hot Mahana Pareo

The Mahana Pareo is the beach fashion of the summer

What's hot? Do you really need to ask? With summer coming right around the corner, beachwear is a must for upcoming vacations. Here in Hawaii we have warm sunny days all year, but especially during summer. Long white sandy beaches, cool refreshing surf and an unending supply of monoi coconut oil to keep your skin looking great. But what to wear? Whatever you decide you can always add on to show a bit of fashion. That's where the Mahana Pareo comes in.

Aptly named, the Mahana (sun) Pareo originated in Tahiti within the last three or four decades. Created with photo sensitive dyes, tropical themed silhouette motifs, traditional island sea salt and the warm rays of the sun, the Mahana Pareo is the hottest thing on the beach. They are one of a kind works of art.

As much as they are warmed by the sun, they are soft and comfortable to wear. Made of 100% light weight cotton, these light and airy pareos are convenient as well. Lighter in weight than our signature Heiva Hibiscus Pareo, the Mahana Pareo is fast becoming a favorite among our friends.

If you have trouble selecting colors, don't worry. Black Pearl Designs is always adding in colors and can do custom work upon request. The wait is minimal (after all, all we need is sunny skies and a flair for creativity) for custom orders. Ask us. We're more than happy to hear from you.

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