Monday, August 21, 2006

Tahitian Pearl Ambassador

Nancy Morgan was chosen as Tahiti's first Tahitian Pearl Ambassadress on May 19, 2006 in a competition organized by Tahiti Pearl Market. With a command of the English language as well as French and Tahitian, Nancy was selected from 13 contestants. Intelligent, graceful and a natural beauty, Nancy received a rather unique and stunning gift. Instead of the traditional crown and title, she was given a sash covered with 1,019 Tahitian cultured pearls. This piece of jewelry is valued at approx. 5 million French Pacific Francs. She will earn 300,000 French Pacific Francs a month during her one-year contract.

The event was sponsored by the French Polynesia Sea Ministry and GIE Perles de Tahiti, the Papeete-based trade organization that promotes Tahitian pearls overseas.

Born in Rolla, Missouri, Nancy Morgan, 19, came to Tahiti when she was 12 years old. Her father is American and her mother is Tahitian. Most of her family, including her mother, still resides in America. A communications student, Nancy will be travelling and attending trade events and promotions sponsored by Tahiti Pearl Market throughout the world. Nancy said that she was confident that she could interest the American public in learning about Tahitian culture as well as its precious living gem.

Runners-up in the competition were Loanah Chong, 22, and Heirautini Krainer, 20.

Tahiti Beach Press

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